Instructions to send vintage records to

Records should be sent flat against each other in stacks with or without a paper sleeve on each record. The most important thing is that they should not vibrate in transit. This can cause any small cracks already in the record to widen until the record breaks. Cut two corrugated cardboard squares the size of the records (example: 10" squares for 10" records) and place one on the bottom of the stack of records and one on the top and seal the two squares together with packaging tape so the records inside will not vibrate. It is advisable to not package more than five records per stack. Create as many stacks as necessary. Finally, tape all the stacks together so that they are one unit. A strong shipping box should be chosen which will allow at least two inches of cushion space between the stacks and the inside of the box. Use newspaper or packing peanuts to cushion the stacks from the wall of the box. In the end, you should have a package of records which are surrounded by packing material of a depth of at least 2 inches all around. Please insure the package if the contents are valuable, and I will do the same for the return trip. The best methods of shipment are U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail or one of the overnight shipping services such as FedEX or UPS. If you wish to pay by check, please make your check out to "Lee Herterich." for the full amount (please ask about return shipping costs before sending your payment.)

Send your package, along with your contact information to:

Lee Herterich

138 Dearborn Road

Hill, NH 03243

Telephone 603-934-0079

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