Short-run color printing
Choose from many paper types
Send your files and have your order delivered
How is our pricing?

Colorama has the equipment and expertise to produce first class short-run color printing from your computer files with minimal effort.  If you need only one or a few thousand full-color printed pieces, color copies today are the way to go.  The quality is so good that you would imagine your work actually came off of a printing press instead of a digital color copier.

Choose from almost a dozen paper types.  And of course, we always offer a free proof copy so you will be guaranteed to be happy with your completed order.

You do not need to leave your office.  Send your files to us and have your order delivered.  If you are in the lakes region area, you can always make an appointment to visit us discuss your needs with our experienced staff.  Our goal is happy customers because we want your repeat business.

How is our pricing?  We can't beat those lowest prices on the web, honestly it costs us more to make a color copy than some of those web companies are charging because we use better paper.  What we can do is offer our customers superior quality, reliability, and the feeling of certainty that they will receive their order on time without mistakes or excuses.  Oh yes, we have no large corporate overhead and so we can certainly beat the pricing of big box copy chains.  We will save you money while not sacrificing quality

Digital Color Copies